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San Francisco

San Francisco

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This was one of the most fun little trips that Chance and I have taken together! We planned this trip and went without a very detailed plan of what we wanted to do... we had some ideas, but just kind of played it by ear. This was his first time to San Francisco, so we did all the touristy things, of course. We visited Lombard street which has always been a favorite spot of mine. I remember driving on it when I was young and I thought it was the coolest thing. I never realized how short it actually was.

If you know Chance and I, you know that we are both pretty nerdy; we love social media and all things technology related. We couldn't wait to get to San Francisco to get the inside scoop on what's happening in Silicon Valley. We checked out several of the big tech company headquarters including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, GoPro, Tesla, Google... We were in HEAVEN!!!! (Chance was probably more excited than your kids at Disneyland haha) 

We also really enjoyed different viewpoints of the Golden Gate bridge. We drove up a hill to see the bridge from above and walked along this little trail and when we got to the top, the view was breathtaking!! I loved how we were able to see the bridge with the city in the background. One of the days it was soooo foggy which made it super dreamy and pretty. 

Another place we loved was the Palace of Fine Arts. The architecture was so incredible and detailed - I felt like I was in Europe!! We spent over an hour just walking around and taking photos and video there. Definitely a spot we'd recommend if you've never been there!

We also spent tons of time on Stanford campus. I have some family members who work there and they took us around the campus and gave us a little tour. The whole campus is so beautiful, I really liked all of the old buildings and history there. We also walked through the museum and the church, those were probably my favorites at Stanford!

One of the nights we met up with our friends Kenzie & Joe who we LOVE, and they showed us around the streets near Pier 39. We had the famous clam chowder & sour dough bread bowls at Boudin (thank you to all who recommended it) and made a stop for dessert at Ghirardelli Square. It was sooooooo good! If I could survive on clam chowder and gourmet chocolate desserts, I would definitely do it! 

Well, that about sums it up! We had to best time and I'm sure we'll visit again for more fun and exploring! We love you, San Francisco!! Below are some of our favorite spots for pretty views and photos. What are your favorite spots?

Our favorite viewpoints and photo locations:

  • Under the dome at The Palace of Fine Arts

  • Baker Beach below the Golden Gate Bridge

  • The Painted Ladies - of course ;)

  • Lombard Street - prettiest hydrangeas and cute cute houses

  • The Golden Gate Recreational Area - Sausalito

  • Anywhere on Stanford campus - especially the church and pillars in the Quad

  • The beach near Pier 39


New York

New York