Hi! I'm Kelsi Carma, I am 24 years old and currently living in Vineyard, Utah with my husband. I love all things girly and spontaneous! My love for traveling, fashion, & beauty started when I was pretty young. In middle school, my dream was to work as a photographer for National Geographic and I would tell everyone that I was going to travel the world. I love documenting the things I do— social media is like a journal to me.

In July 2013, I started my very first blog about fashion, my beliefs and my life. Since then, I have had 3 blogs total. Now I love to share things I find at my favorite stores, my favorite products, style/travel tips, things my husband and I do on the daily and more. I'm so grateful for all of you and the support I receive constantly!! Thank you for reading and following along! Xo.


How tall are you?  I am 5'9"

What ethnicity are you?  I am half Tongan, half American (white)

Who takes all of your photos? There’s not really any one person who takes my photos— it just depends on what I’m doing and who I’m with. My husband takes lots of them or sometimes friends I’m with!

How do you edit your photos? I edit with Lightroom!

Who does your hair?  Courtney Taylor of CJTaylorHair has been my hairstylist since 2012. She is AMAZING - there's no one I trust more with my hair! She did my hair for my wedding and has styled it for several shoots!

Do you have extensions?  Yes!! I have Barefoot Blonde clip in extensions in the shade Blackberry!

How did you start partnering with brands? Toward the end of high school and my freshman year of college, I started modeling. This was when Instagram was still fairly new; blogging had become pretty popular, but ‘influencing’ wasn’t really a thing. I would post photos from my modeling jobs and more and more shops would reach out for me to model. When Instagram became a more common place to advertise, larger brands started reaching out to me to test and promote their products. It has continually grown from there. It has been lot's of work to turn it into a full-time job, however, I’m so lucky that it happened fairly naturally! I am so grateful I get to do what I love!!